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Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day is a United States event. It is celebrated annually on August 26th. Basically, this day is to appreciate the right to vote as well as the idea of equality between men and women. While this holiday still celebrates women to be able to vote, today it has become very meaningful. Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on August 26, 1920,

When women’s votes officially became part of the American Constitution. This day is a significant turning point in the history of the struggle for the treatment of women . This holiday is celebrated by all women organizations across the country. They work hard to provide equal opportunities in education and employment to women.

In 1848 a group of people gathered in Seneca Falls, New York to talk about the problem of women’s rights. In this group, women and men are included and they decided that American women were theirs, who were entitled to their political identity and not only the expansion of their husband or father.

In the next few years, it becomes stronger. During the 1890s, During the 1890s, the National American Woman Suffrage Association emerged and it was headed by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Prior to the end of the decade, Idaho and Utah gave women the right to vote. See More Bakrid Mubarak

Women's Equality Day
Women’s Equality Day 2019 Celebration
Women's Equality Day
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Women's Equality Day
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Women's Equality Day
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Women's Equality Day
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Women’s Equality Day 2019 

In a personal way, women are tasked to balance multiple responsibilities in our daily lives – family, children, work, and self. By doing so they prove that women are among the strongest person on the planet. But Equality Day of women is just more than a day to celebrate our victory – it is also a chance to remember those who fought for us and focused on our further work.

You can share the day with great enthusiasm and help to solve the related issue to the equality of women. Social media has made the small space in the world – you can share the problem on social sites. There is much organization that donates money to help women not only in America but also around the world.

This organization helps in every area like health care, food, water, and shelter. United Nations Children’s Fund provides humanitarian assistance to children and mothers in developing countries and also donates many other donations to help women in the United States as well as women in the world.

The fundamental way is to celebrate this holiday is to spend some time with important women in your life. Celebrate with your mother, grandmother, a wife, a sister, and a friend. All over the world the best Humanity is helping women and encourage them to do achieve in our life. Women should Independent in our life. People come in the front and appreciate the women’s work. To celebrate the day also with us World Humanitarian Day.

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