August 2019 Calendar For Monthly and Weekly Template

August derives its name from the Latin word “Sextilis” because it was the 6th month in the actual ten-month Roman calendar since 753 BC. In Northern Hemisphere, August is similar to February and is also the Holiday month for most workers. Ancient Rome also marks numerous holidays in the month of August.

Aborigines in the Canary Islands name this month as Guanches of Tenerife which is also the harvest month. August being the month of Strengthening of Character and love has spinel and peridot as birthstones and poppy as the birth flower.

August is also known by a different name such as “bayue” in Chinese, “aout” in French and “agosto” in Spanish. It also has some Historical names like Saxon which literally means Weed Month and Germanic meaning Harvest month.

August also marks month-long observances such as Children’s eye Health and safety month and Happiness happens month. It also celebrates the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness month. August is also the month for summer holidays for many children across the world and people go on long vacations with their families.

The United States also have some observances like National Black Business month and National Immunization Awareness month. Whereas the United States also observes some unofficial days in the month of August dedicated to a particular category such as National Mustard Day on August 3, National Watermelon Day and National Rum Day on August 16 marks some of the unofficial holidays for foodies. See more August 2019 Calendar Template

Printable August Calendar 2019

August 2019 Calendar
August 2019 Calendar Editable Template
August Calendar 2019
August 2019 Blank Calendar Free Download
Calendar 2019 August
August 2019 Printable Calendar Landscape Format
Printable Calendar 2019 August
August 2019 Calendar Vertical and Landscape Template
Blank August Calendar 2019
Free Printable August 2019 Calendar Template

August 2019 Editable Calendar

However Cultural and Religious remembrance is also celebrated across the United States such as Eid and Islamic New Year which is also hosted across the world. Apart from US other countries also have some important days in the month of August like World Humanitarian Day on August 19 and National Heroes Day on August 26 to mark respect towards the Military personnel.

Leo being the zodiac sign for August makes people born in August very different from others. They have some of the unbelievable personality traits as they are ruled by Sun and the Moon.

August born is very straight forward and you dare to enter into an argument with them. They are intellectual and have the ability to attract you with their strong will power however they need their space and the right time to deal with it.

They may often show a sudden outburst of emotions and they can be rude at times because of their mood swings. Though they are straight forward and direct but can be hesitant sometimes and may not share anything face to face. Whatever deep pain they are in, they will never share with others and will always try to sort things on their own.

They would always want you to feel special but if you reapply it in them they might not be easily impressed. Because keeping them talking and interested can be an uphill task. They are highly motivated people but can get irritated and angry very quickly. They are fortunate; self-motivated and have the zeal to be aspiring leaders of future with minimum risk.

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