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According to the Julian and Gregorian calendar, August is the eight months of the year and it has 31 days. It is considered as the busiest time for tourism because it comes in the main school summer holiday period. This is the equivalent of February in the opposite hemisphere. Julius’s grandfather Augustus defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra and became the emperor of Rome, the Roman Senate decided that they should also have a month’s name. Sextile (Sex = 6) was chosen for Augustus, and the Senate upheld its actions in the following resolutions:

While Emperor Augustus Caesar in the month of Sextile. . . Three times entered the city. . . And that same month Egypt was brought under the control of the Roman people, and the civil war ended in that month;

And when it is the month for these reasons and has been fortunate enough for this empire, it has been decided by the Senate that the said month will be called Augustus.

August Facts – The month of August is often known as “Dog of Summer“, star Sirius is also known as dog star, which grew with sunrise during the ancient Roman period during August.

In the United States, there are national food holidays such as National Raspberry Cream Pie Day, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, National Watermelon Day, National Oyster Day, National Toasted Marshmallow Day etc.

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In this article, you get calendar facts. A calendar  For August 2019 is a very useful tool in our daily life as we can maintain our daily life with this tool. The calendar is available in two formats – Electronic and Paper.

Some people may use electronic calendar software at their workplaces and home. To allow the use of calendar online anytime you can check their schedules and meetings. If you use an electronic calendar you can save data. It is lightweight, small and portable. Record and save contacts name, number, to-do list. You will always remain organized with these planner templates. But the paper calendar is preferred by many people. In modern society, most people prefer the online calendar.

But I always prefer a paper calendar. Paper calendar is very easy to use. It is very handy when you will go on vacations because you can see the details on paper and can help us to see the big picture.  If you want to changes in this option is also available, customize the calendar according to your preferences.

You can do your work quickly. In the USA on 11 August, Sunday celebrate the National Presidential Joke Day. This is a fun day, which is often used to identify the humour found in the highest office in the country and it presents gaffes, social misunderstandings and sometimes lowly hilarious mistakes.

The story of National President Joke Day was about a radio broadcast that started on 11 August 1984. During a sound demonstration on Saturday’s radio broadcast on a radio broadcast, President Ronald Reagan joked, “My fellow Americans, I’m happy to tell you today. Today I have signed the law that will end Russia forever. We will start bombing in five minutes. ”

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