Month of November 2019 Calendar Timetable Template

The name November came from a Latin word ‘novem’ meaning nine because November was earlier the ninth month of the year according to Roman calendar. Later when January and February were added to it, it became the eleventh month. In Southern Hemisphere, November is the month of Late spring and in Northern Hemisphere, it is the month of late autumn.

November has many names in different languages such as ‘novembre’ in Middle English, Blotmanad in Old English,’november’ in Danish, ‘novembre’ in French and Italian and finally ‘noviembre’ in Spanish.

November has often been thought as an austere month because it showed the start of winter. Topaz symbolizing friendship is the birthstone for this month and chrysanthemum which symbolizes honesty and joy is the birth flower.

November also has some days of great importance such as all saints day which is a Christian festival held on November 1 every year by all saints known or unknown.

The veteran day which falls on November 11 is a day to pay tribute to the veterans of the armed forces who served the United States which dovetails with Armistice Day and Remembrance Day marking the end of the World War I. Another important day which is the Thanksgiving Day celebrated each year on third Thursday of November where friends and families gather and some also enjoy a four-day weekend trip making the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season. Here you get Printable November 2019 Calendar Template that helps you in daily routine.

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There is also some fun days marked like National Men Make Dinner Day on first Thursday of November, National Sandwich Day on 3rd of November, World Diabetes day which is also a day of awareness about the disease and International Tolerance day which is on November 16. November also unfolds some great history in itself.

The famous Suez Canal was opened for public on November 17, 1869, Also the United States and Canada celebrate the end of World War I every year on November 11, 1918. Holland tunnel which was the first mechanical tunnel was opened to traffic on November 13, 1927. John F. Kennedy was also assassinated on November 22, 1963.

November has some famous personalities born such as American author and humorist ‘Mark Twain’ who was born on November 30, 1835. Similarly, Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist, and film star was born on November 27, 1940, and was very famous for his fast martial arts skills.

November born people love to spend their time alone as they do not trust people easily and loves to keep their secrets to themselves and socialize in their own terms. It is also said that people find it difficult to understand them most of the times as they are private in nature and are very soft people at hearts and would never intend to hurt anyone intentionally.

They often make the most loyal friends and their mind works very different from rest of the crowd. They are very attractive and because of which many others are jealous of their personality and the fabulous quality they possess. They are also diligent people with an unusual approach.

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