October 2019 Calendar With Festivals Editable Template

October was earlier the eight months of the year before January and February were added to the start of the year. October came from a Latin word “Oct” which means “Eight”. Now according to the Gregorian calendar, October is the 10th month of the year which falls between September and November and has 31 days.

Northern Hemisphere experiences autumn in the month of October whereas Southern Hemisphere experiences spring in this month. October starts and ends on the same day of the week as January.

October is also known by many other names commonly ‘octobre’ in Middle English, ‘oktober’ in Danish, ‘ottobre’ in Italian,‘octubre’ in Spanish and Anglo-Saxons called it as ‘Winterfylleth’ which means Winter Full moon. The Catholic form of prayer using beads known as Rosary is also dedicated to the month of October and hence October is also called as the month of Rosary devotion.

October also marks many holidays with Fixed Observances such as the very first day of October which is October 1 is the National Day of People’s Republic of China and National Day of Cyprus. Similarly, Independence Day for Nigeria, Palau, and Guinea are also observed on October 2nd.

October 9 also marks National Fire prevention week which commemorates the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Likewise, First Wednesday in October is National Walk to School day and also National pumpkin seed day.

National Manufacturing Day and National body language day is also marked on First Friday in October. Calendula which is a flower used to treat prevent any disease is the birth flower for October and Opal is considered as the birthstone for this month.

There is also a saying that Opal might crackdown if a person not born in October wears it. October is also considered as a new beginning in nature as leaves of the trees begin to change their colours. If you want to download the two-month template here you get October November 2019 Calendar. 

October 2019 Printable Calendar

Free Printable October 2019 Calendar
Free Printable October 2019 Calendar Editable
Blank October 2019 Calendar
Blank October 2019 Calendar
Printable Calendar 2019 October
October 2019 Calendar With Holidays
October Calendar 2019
October 2019 Calendar India Template
October 2019 Calendar
Month of October 2019 Printable Calendar

Printable October Calendar 2019

There are many famous personalities born in the month of October such as Mahatma Gandhi who was a great leader of the Indian independence movement, Bill Gates who is Co-founder of the technology giant Microsoft, Julia Roberts who is a versatile American actress and Theodore Roosevelt the 26th United States president.

October born has some amazing facts and has the capability to maintain a great balance around them in any harsh situation. It is also commonly said that there are no limitations to their intelligence and they create an aura around themselves. They are always ready to learn new things and are very innovative and good thinkers.

They will always have a balanced approach to extreme situations and can keep control of them very easily. They can easily attract someone with the charm they are born with and their emotional and intellectual mix makes them the best. Coming to their Romantic side, they always have a heart filled with it and being born in autumn they are passionate and unstoppable romantics.

Exclusiveness from others is also one of the personality traits of October born people as it sets them apart and cannot be easily fooled or played with. A problem to them comes with a solution handy no matter how bad it is.

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