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In the current Gregorian calendar, August is the eighth month of the year, the third month of summer, a fifth month that has 31 days and sixth month in the Roman Calendar. Its name is taken from the Augustus Caesar.

August facts – World War II ended on 14th August 1945. The first communication Echo 1 satellite was launched on 12th August 1960 in Florida. Lammas is celebrated on 1st of August in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a harvest holiday. August is related to ” auger” it means a hole digging tool because farmers start ploughing for the next season.

The August birth flowers – August are blessed with two flowers – The Gladiolus and the Poppy. They have their unique significance. The Gladiolus is the first birth flower. This is also known as ” sword lily”. This is a summer flower with sharply pointed leaves. These are Trumpet-shaped flowers that can grow up to five feet and are available in the rainbow of colours, including red, yellow, white, purple and pink.

The Poppy is the second birth, it is a bright and bold poppy flower which is used globally for landscaping. These beautiful flowers come in three colours – white, red and yellow. While poppy seeds are grown for their food seeds and used for medicinal purposes, they know what they really are here.

A Free Printable August 2019 Calendar is a way to organize all the things in a systematic way. People prefer a calendar in their daily life. Without the calendar, people forget birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and will never know what day it is. Most of the countries used the Gregorian Calendar. The reason for the introduction of the Gregorian calendar was that the old Julian was a “lost” day.

August Calendar 2019

August Calendar 2019
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August 2019 Calendar
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Aug Calendar 2019
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Printable August 2019 Calendar
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The reason for this is that there were too many leap years using the Julian calendar. It is the official and most commonly used for business. A calendar is a free tool. It is mostly used in offices, schools and colleges. It makes your life more systematic. In a hectic life, it’s quite tough to manage all the things systematically.

This is the most popular calendar format. Because in this calendar it is easy to add details according to your need. It is a more convenient tool to help you to make a plan for the whole day. It’s quite tough to remember all the things in our mind. If you use the app on your phone or tablets, it is easy to use and help to reminds all the important things. You can all the work systematically and arrange the whole day.

International Youth Day is a holiday made by the United States, it is celebrated on August 12, 2000. On this day people need to know the importance and hard work of the youth of the world. International Youth Day is a holiday created by the United Nations and celebrated on August 12th annually since 2000.

On this day, people are supposed to recognize the importance and the hard work of the youth of the world and how they have made a difference to society. It is also a day to promote ways to engage the young people of the world and help them to contribute even more to their communities and to society in general.

This is not a public holiday, in most of the countries bank, government buildings and businesses are not normally closed on this day. There are activities and events all over the world on International Youth Day. These events usually include parades, music, fairs, festivals, exhibitions and even sports events.

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