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World Teacher’s Day

world Teachers Day is very important in our life they act just like our parents. They teach us knowledge about everything. They keep us on the right track to ensure that we are capable enough to survive in this society. They make us more knowledgeable and enable the proper flow of knowledge from one generation to another. Without teachers, all would be barbarians. respect your teachers.

A motivated teacher is very important to the classroom because they have a different approach to teaching than others. They also inspire their students to learn in a fun and engaging way. Motivation is one of the strongest tools that keep children positive for a long time. Every year on 5 October World Teachers Day is celebrated. This day is giving honor to teacher’s unions around the world.

It is also known as International Teacher’s Day. This day was created by UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations. This day is not only to appreciate the teachers’ work but also to help the teachers to improve in education and make a good environment in the classroom.

We know that many countries have their own National Teachers’ Day, but according to UNESCO, it is necessary to observe national issues that affect teachers from an international perspective. In 2019 World Teacher’s Day Theme is ” Young Teachers: The Future Of the Profession “. This day provides an opportunity to celebrate the teaching profession around the world, take stock of achievements, and address some issues.

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Happy World Teacher Day
Happy World Teacher Day Quotes


Happy World Teacher Day
Happy World Teacher Day


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World Teacher Day Quotes
World Teacher Day Positive Quotes


Happy World Teachers Day

Central to attracting and retaining talented minds and young talents in the profession. This year UNESCO organizes, an official event that will take place on Monday, October 7 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris in collaboration with convening partners, including UNICEF, UNDP, the International Labor Organization, and Education. International and globally will be celebrated the various events.

History Of World Teachers Day

The History of World Teacher’s Day was revealed on October 5, 1966. A special intergovernmental conference on the status of teachers was organized in Paris, France to analyze the issues affecting teachers and their profession.

A document was published by both parties and called ” Recommendations Related to the state of Labor”. This document was signed by both members of UNESCO and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

On this day, all kinds of different events are organized around the world. This celebration included honoring the teachers and organizing ceremonies of the contributions that the teacher has made to society. It is also a day that can be used for recruitment campaigns, additional teacher training programs, and to look at specific teacher policies.

This day is a perfect day to celebrate the day with your favorite teacher, and to show the importance of the teacher in your life. Send beautiful wishes to the teachers. If you want to download the World Teachers Day images with special wishes.

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