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Happy Columbus Day

Columbus day is celebrated annually in the United States Of America. It was originally observed on October 10, but that was replaced on the second Monday in 1971. This is an American holiday. On this day Christopher Columbus arrived in America in 1492. It is a day that is not only celebrated in many parts of North America but also in parts of Latin America and the Caribbean. It is time to celebrate Italian American heritage.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian Sailor. He was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy. He Was an Italian explorer, colonist, and sailor. He is remembered as America’s leading European explorer and helped bring America to the forefront of Western consciousness. His discoveries and travels laid out the outline for the subsequent European colonization of Latin and North America.

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History – Christopher Columbus is sometimes credited with “Searching” America. Of course, there were already people living in America for thousands of years. Today we call them Native Americans. Columbus was also not the first European to reach the Americans.

Columbus first landed in America on October 12, 1492, and the anniversary of the day has since been celebrated in the New World. The 300 and 400-year anniversaries in 1792 and 1892 were major events in the United States, but it was not until 1937 that the day was made an official federal holiday.

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Columbus Day
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Happy Columbus Day Quotes
Happy Columbus Day Quotes


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Columbus Day In The United States

The first Columbus day ceremony took place in 1792 in Tammany Hall. In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Columbus Day a national holiday, a result of intense lobbying by Columbus, the knights of an influential Catholic fraternal organization. This day is celebrated by many countries including America. In many Spanish-speaking countries, it is called Dia de la Raza which stands for Race of Day.

In the United States, Various communities and states are celebrated. Many states have the day as an official holiday and government buildings and schools are closed. In the USA many states are not considering Columbus Day as a holiday.

These states are – Hawaii, Alaska, and South Dakota. South Dakota celebrates Native American Day and Hawaii instead of Explorers Day. Some people are opposed to that day because they do not want to persuade Columbus and Europeans after the arrival of American Americans.

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Happy Columbus Day In The USA
Happy Columbus Day In The USA


What do people celebrate on this day?

Some of the largest-scale ceremonies are organized on this day. Large parades are organized in many cities including New York and Chicago. The parades celebrate not only Columbus Day but also Italian-American heritage. On Columbus Day people go and explore Christopher Columbus. You can also try out some crafts, including mapping their voyage or photographing their three ships: Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

In this article, you can get Columbus’s wishes, images, and pictures, and get the history also. You can also send wishes to your near and dear ones. And also share on social sites. Enjoy the day. With a simple step, you can download the images.

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