Happy Diwali Images, Pictures, Cards, and Wishes

Happy Diwali Images

Diwali is the biggest festival of Hindus that is celebrated every year. This year Diwali Status is celebrated on Sunday, October 24. It is celebrated in many different parts of India as well as other countries also. Due to the special festival of lamps, it was named Deepawali or Diwali. Deepawali means the line of the lamp. Thus this festival decorated with rows of lamps is called Deepawali.

It commemorated the return after Lord Rama from fourteen years of exile to Ayodhya and their defeating the King Ravana Of Lanka. After the return of Lord Rama, all Ayodhya people decorated their homes and paths with full enthusiasm to welcome Lord Rama.

It is a holy Hindu festival that symbolizes the victory of truth over evil. This indicates the arrival of winter after the departure of the rainy season. This also indicates a new beginning for traders.

On the occasion of Diwali people distribute gifts to their loved ones with good wishes such as sweets, nuts, cakes, etc. People worship Lakshmi Devi for their golden future and prosperity. Lamps are lighted everywhere to ward off evil and Gods and Goddesses are welcomed.

A month before the arrival of the Deepawali festival, people get busy shopping for goods, cleaning the house, etc. The light of the lamps is dazzling and astonishing beauty is scattered everywhere.

The Tradition of Diwali

The victory of light over darkness brings love and affection towards each other among people. It is a very important festival celebrated both individually and collectively. The method and reason for celebrating Diwali are different in every province or region, this festival has been going on for generations everywhere.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for Diwali among people. People clean the corners of their homes and wear new clothes. See More Remembrance Day

Deepavali Wishes
Deepavali Wishes Images


Diwali Images
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Diwali Wishes
Diwali Wishes Images


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Happy Diwali Wishes

People give each other sweets and gifts and meet each other. Colorful Rangolis are made in homes. Lamps are lit, and fireworks are done. This festival of victory of light over darkness spreads the message of gaiety, brotherhood, and love in society.

Deepawali is a long 5-day festival that is celebrated by people with full joy and enthusiasm. The first day of Deepawali is called Dhanteras, the second is Chhoti Diwali, the third is called Deepavali or Lakshmi Puja, the fourth is Govardhan Puja, and the fifth is Bhaiya Dooj. These five days of Deepawali have their own religious and cultural beliefs. Halloween Images

Symbol of Cleanliness

While Deepawali is a symbol of beauty and wisdom, it is also a symbol of cleanliness. People clean the house.  Cleanliness is visible everywhere on this day. Every corner of every house is clean. And the sparkling sparkle arises.

The aroma of the ghee lamp spreads throughout the atmosphere. New energy and new enthusiasm are born in everyone’s mind. People abandon their evils and wish to follow the good and true path.

Ganesha has been called the god of auspicious beginnings and Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. Crackers are the main attraction on this occasion. Delicious meals cooked in homes and sweets delivered to neighbors, friends, and relatives are part of the Diwali celebration.

People welcome Diwali with oil-filled light soils to wish for prosperity and well-being in the streets, markets, homes, and surroundings. On the night of Diwali people opened the doors to their homes as they look forward to the visit of Goddess Lakshmi.

This is a colorful festival and every Hindu celebrates the festival with great enthusiasm. If you want to celebrate this beautiful festival with a near and dear one. Here you get beautiful wishes. Easy to share on social sites also. And easy to download.

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