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Remembrance Day Poppy is a time to celebrate and give honors to the soldiers who fight at the end of the breathing for the country. Those countries who gave the initiative in world War I celebrate the day with their own style. Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Britain, France, Belgium, and Poland. In 1954 united states of America changed the name, Armistice Day to Veterans Day.

We provide Remembrance Day History, Traditions, and Facts. If you want to send Remembrance Day Wishes, Cards, and quotes share them with your friends and family. Easily you get it with different designs. Remembrance Day is a day to give honor to the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who sacrificed life while they were serving their country.

Remembrance Day Poppy

This day was first observed in 1919 throughout the British Commonwealth. This day is originally known as Armistice Day, to commemorate the Armistice Agreement, which ended World War I on Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 am the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The poppy flower is the symbol of remembrance day.

First World War- World War 1 is also popular as the great war. This war began in August 1914 when Britain and Germany went to war. Australia and New Zealand Immediately joined the war. The name given to this partnership is ” allied forces”. The main nation of Allied forces in Britain, Russia, and France. later Canada and the United States also supported it. See More Merry Christmas

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Armistice Day

The Armistice- After great losses, the German Army agreed to a ceasefire with the Allied Army and gave signaled the end of WWI. The agreement was signed at 5 am on November 11, 1918. After the declaration of the ceasefire, people celebrated and came to the streets, they dance, shout, and cheered it. This is the reason Remembrance Day was originally known as Armistice Day.

Remembrance Day Traditions – On this day people pay tribute to the soldiers and take one minute of silence. Every year, countries around the world are silenced at around 11 am on the 11 days of the 11 months.

A red poppy- The poppy was the first plant to grow on the blood-soaked battlefields of Belgium and France. In the 19th century, the English poet symbolizes the poppy with sleep or Oblivion. After WWI silk poppies were sold on this day and this money is given to the French children for charity and to the Returned Soldiers League.

Remembrance Day Facts- The Word Armistice was taken from the Latin word ” arma ” meaning an arm(weapon) and ” stitium” meaning ” a stopping” meaning to put down your arms. The Famous poem Flanders Fields was written by Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John Macer.

It made the red poppy such an Iconic Symbol. It is said that he wrote the poem in just only 20 minutes and later the poem he threw it in the garbage. WWI was the first war where aircraft were used. There were 3000 Australian soldiers who served with the Australia Flying crops.

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