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Assumption of Mary

The Assumption of Mary is observed On August 15. It is a Christian festival and is celebrated every year in most parts of the world. The day of Mary’s feast in the Catholic religion is very important.

This is the main feast of the Blessed Virgin of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Christians believe that on this day Virgin Mary “completed the course of his earthly life, took the body and soul as heavenly glory.”

In ancient times people have different assumptions- people celebrate the day by public lighting and bonfires at night. There are several symbolic images and stories related to that incident. In some other places, people throw the coin from their windows on the road and it is a symbol of prosperity.

People believed that the blue color is associated with the Virgin Mary because this color is associated with heaven color and it is a sign of truth and clarity. Happy Janmashtami Images

Happy Feast of The Assumption of Mary

Christians mostly connect Lily with the Virgin Mary because it is a symbol of purity, simplicity, and divinity. The history of this festival can be seen in the fourth century when Mary’s body was associated with heaven.

However, this is a faith in a religious way, the actual observance of this day did not last until the 6th century. This was first celebrated in the Eastern churches as a festival – one day which reminds the Virgin Mary of the death, resurrection, and subsequent glory in heaven.

This idea spread quickly throughout Christianity and is now believed to be founded on many secrets. On November 1, 1950, Pope Pius VII declared Mary’s assassination as dogma. As a dogma, it is a necessary faith that all Catholics should adopt. Being away from this dogma is believed to be a departure from the divinity of faith. See More World Humanitarian Day

Feast Of The Assumption Of Mary
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 Assumption Of Mary
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Assumption Of Mary In The Bible
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Feast Of The Assumption Of Mary

Many countries celebrate the day in a different ways. Assumption Day in France is a public holiday. This is a very important holiday in France. Some stores and public transport are open but banks, post offices or govt offices are closed.

In Greece, this day is a very popular summer festival. In Poland, this day is also popular as the feast of our lady of herbs. The city is decorated with sweet smell bouquets and green herbs. In churches, children sing rhymes and dance in regional culture. This day is the blessing of herbs, flowers, and garden foods.

In Portugal, the recognition day is called Romeria. This Romeria has been marked with the appearance of a brass band and drum and bagpipe, and in the churches, the statues of Mary and Queen of Angels have been crowned. In the United States, it is often celebrated with parades and it is an informal ceremony.

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