Free Printable May 2021 Calendar

May 2021 Calendar

Hello readers, We hope you all might be doing well. Today we are here to discuss some informative facts about May 2021 Calendar. The month of May is the third as well as the last month of the spring season. During ancient times, May was the third month of the calendar. But years later, when January and February were added at the top, it became the fifth month of the George calendar. 

Our May 2021 Printable Calendar is the best resource to plan your future events and adventures. We offer a wide range of weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars to all our users. Now you do not need to worry about your plans, just download our 2021 calendar and plan your birthday parties, anniversaries, weekends, holidays, etc.

Just download it by clicking on the download link, customize as per your need and get a print as per your size requirement. Our May 2021 Calendar with Holidays contains all the important events and holidays that would help you in outlining your entire month’s schedule. 

Free Printable May Calendar 2021

The word May is derived from the name Maia, Greek Goddess, recognized to induce the spring season along with wealth. Maia is also called the Goddess of Fertility in ancient Rome. The official birthstone is the emerald, a green stone that signifies love and success.

The deep green color of the stone represents the rebirth of the Earth and is one of the expensive stones. Apart from the birthstone, the conventional flower is Lilly. The flower is poisonous when consumed but doesn’t harm if touched. Moreover, People born in May symbolize love and success. It is the most preferred month to get married.

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May 2021 Calendar
May 2021 Calendar

May Calendar 2021
May Calendar 2021

Calendar 2021 May
May 2021 Calendar Printable

2021 May Calendar
May 2021 Calendar With Holidays

2021 Calendar May
May 2021 Printable Calendar

May 2021 Printable Calendar

After analyzing the month of May, let’s check out some significant holidays and events of the month. These holidays will benefit you in scheduling your entire month’s activity. 

Mothers Day – Mother’s Day signifies the love and cares for all mothers worldwide. It is celebrated on a different day in different countries. 

Eid Al Fitr – The famous Muslim festival, Eid Al Fitr is celebrated as the first day of the Shawwal month. After one month of fast, Ramadan, the Muslim community celebrates it as a festival of joy and glory. 

Ascension Day – Ascension Day is celebrated as the 40th day of Easter in the USA. The day remembers the lord Jesus ascension to heaven, as written in the Bible. 

Victoria Day – Also is known as May long weekend Victoria Day is a weekend holiday in Canada that starts from May 25. 

Memorial Day – his day honors and remembers the men and women who lost their lives during the military wars for the US. It is also known as Decoration Day and is celebrated on the last Monday of May. 

These are some of the interesting facts about May. We hope that you might have enjoyed and recommend you to download our May 2021 Blank Calendar for your ease and convenience. 

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