2022 Yearly Calendar With Holidays

2022 Year Calendar
2022 Year Calendar

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2022 Yearly Calendar With Holidays

The 2022 Yearly Calendar With Holidays is the best tool in the 21st century. In fact, without a calendar people can’t manage life in a proper way. As some people have many works and manage all the things like work, home, family, and many other daily works and easily track everything. With the use of the calendar, people will remember birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, and appointments, and never forget the important details.

All over the world, most of the Georgian calendar is used. It was adopted on February 24th, 1582. There are six other calendars used all over the world- the Chinese, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian, Ethiopian, and Balinese Pawukon.

Keeping track of the important details managing the time and making your life more systematic then start using the calendar. It is a simple and effective tool. We provide a calendar in word, excel, pdf, jpeg, and PNG format.

You can easily download and use it in your daily life. We have different cultures and festivals. All over the world lots of festivals are celebrated every month. We try to mention all the months with holidays.

2022 Monthly Calendar Template

In this article, we provide a monthly calendar with a holiday list in various formats. Easily use in your daily life and make your life more comfortable. It is the ability to schedule meetings and appointments from anywhere.

If you want to succeed in your life so use it regularly because you set the reminder and complete the work on time. It automatically grows your career life and you also maintain a balance between personal and professional life.

We Mention All The Month Facts, History, and Holidays.
01-January-2022 Saturday Happy New Year
26-January-2022 Wednesday Republic Day
17-March-2022 Saturday Holi
09-July-2022 To 10-July-2022 Saturday, Sunday Bakrid Mubarak
11-August-2022 Thursday Raksha Bandhan
12-August-2022 Friday International Youth Day
15-August-2022 Monday Independence Day
15-August-2022 Monday Assumption Day
18-Aug-2022 To 19-Aug-2022 Thursday, Friday Janmashtami
19-August-2022 Friday World Humanitarian Day
26-August-2022 Friday Women’s Equality Day
31-August-2022 Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi
08-September-2022 Thursday International Literacy Day
11-September-2022 Sunday Grandparents Day
25-Sep To 27-Sep-2022 Sun, Mon, Tues Rosh Hashanah
29-September-2022 Thursday World Heart Day
05-October-2022 Wednesday World Teachers Day
05-October-2022 Wednesday Dussehra
10-October-2022 Monday Columbus Day
24-October-2022 Monday Diwali
31-October-2022 Monday Halloween
11-November-2022 Friday Remembrance Day
25-December-2022 Sunday Merry Christmas

Printable January 2022 Calendar

January 2022 Calendar

According to the Gregorian Calendar, January is the first month of the year. This word is taken from the Roman god Janus. Roman god has two faces they look in two directions. He looks back to the past and forwards it to the present. It is the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the warmest month in the southern hemisphere. It has 31 days. January month have many events and holidays are celebrated.

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List of the January Holidays:

New Year – According to the Gregorian calendar all over the world, Happy New Year is celebrated on January 1st. The world celebrates the day welcomes the new month and enjoys this day together with their loved ones. At 12 o’clock on the night of 31 December, one day before the new year, people celebrate and burst a lot of firecrackers. On the first day of the new year, people wish each other Happy New Year Images, and some people give greeting cards and give gifts.

Martin Luther King – Martin Luther King day is a federal holiday and celebrates every year on the third Monday of January. This day is to give honor to Martin Luther. It is the most influential and iconic leader of the civil rights moments.

India Republic Day – India was declared a fully autonomous republic on 26 January 1950 and our constitution came into force on this day. This is the reason that India’s Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26 January and since this day is not associated with any particular religion or caste. It is associated with nationality, so every resident of the country celebrates it as a national festival.

Australia Day – It is an official national holiday in Australia. This is celebrated every year on January 26th. People celebrate the day’s own style. Many people celebrate the day with outdoor events. And some people enjoy the day with near and dear ones.

January 2022 Calendar
January 2022 Calendar


Printable February 2022 Calendar

February 2022 Calendar With Holidays

2022 Yearly Calendar With Holidays, According to the Gregorian Calendar, February is the second and the shortest month of the year. February was named taken after Februa. Februa means purification. In Old English, February was called mud month or kale, or cabbage month. It has only 28 days during normal years and it has 29 days during the leap year which occurs every four years.

February is the coldest month in the northern hemisphere. This month is also known as love month, Valentine’s Day is celebrated this month. and many other holidays are also celebrated like Black History Month, Groundhog Day, World Cancer Day, National Wear Red Day, National Foundation Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, St. Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, And Ash Wednesday is also celebrated this month. February 2022 Calendar

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List of the February Holidays:

Ground Hog Day – Groundhog Day is celebrated on 2nd February every year in the United States of America and Canada.  Groundhog Day is a day of surprise and curiosity for many people, who are based on the activities of groundhogs generated from their winter sleep to check for their shadows.

Groundhog’s other name is woodcock and the scientific name is derma tome Monaco. Groundhog’s normal weight of 12 to 15 pounds and lives for six to eight years. They only eat fruits and vegetables and easily climb up the trees and swim.

Valentine’s Day – Every Year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February. This day is a symbol of love and friendship. In the United States of America and many other places all over the world, they exchange gifts, flowers, and chocolates for their loved ones. In the name of all Saint Valentine. But who is this secretive saint, Why this day is celebrated? We know that February has been celebrated as the month of romance and love. It is a tradition of Christianity and Ancient Roman.

Valentine lived from 175 AD to 269 AD. He was a priest, who worked during the Roman Emperor Claudius II. Claudius II decided that a single man is better as a soldier compared to a family man, they boycotted marriage for young men.

While recognizing Valentine’s injustices, Claudius defined and secretly continued to marry young lovers. When Valentine’s actions were detected, Claudius ordered that he should be killed.

National Wear Day – On the first Friday of February National Wear Red Day is celebrated. This day men and women wear red color to spread awareness about the major health problem In American women – heart disease. Health organizations and hospitals arrange camps to encourage women to keep a check on their health.

This is a day on which women are encouraged to find out their five most important health numbers: Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, and BMI (Body Mass Index). Knowing these numbers, women can detect their risks for the development of heart disease and can take measures to prevent it.

World Cancer Day – World Cancer Day is celebrated on 4th February, all over the world. This day is to raise awareness about cancer and encourage people to prevent and detect it. Government and individuals take participate in this day and organize camps and educate the population about cancer and how to control cancers. Cancer is a wide range of cells and its growth is very fast and spreads to other parts of the body.

February 2022 Calendar
February 2022 Calendar

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Printable March 2022 Calendar

March 2022 Printable Calendar

According to the Gregorian Yearly 2022 Calendar, March is the third month of the year. This word is taken from the Roman God Of Wars – Mars. It is the first month of spring which starts between 19 – 21. Every year March and June are on the same day of the week. It has 31 days. It is the second of seven months. March is also known as the spring season.

This month is to show respect to women and to employees. Because International Women’s Day and Employee appreciation day are celebrated this month. And many other events are also celebrated like – Texas Independence Day, Holi, Commonwealth Day, Arbor Day, Friday the 13th, St. Patrick’s Day, Evacuation Day, World Poetry Day, and the most important day world water day is celebrated on this day. March 2022 Calendar

List of the March Holidays:

Employee Appreciation Day – Employee Appreciation Day is a day that is celebrated on the first Friday in March. On this day they thank their employees for the hard work done for the whole year. It is a non-official holiday. It is time to make a good bond between the boss and their employees.

Businesses, private firms, and organizations celebrate the day for recognizing achievements, Employees are one of the company’s largest assets. An employer can express his gratitude in various ways in the oral conversation of the employee’s efforts and contribution from the contribution of the company to the awards. Employee appreciation increases the employee’s satisfaction.

St. Patrick’s Day – Every year St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on 17th March, the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. This is an Irish religious holiday and they celebrate the day for more than 1,000 years. On St. Patrick’s Day, which falls during Lent’s Christian season, Irish families will traditionally attend the morning church and will celebrate in the afternoon.

The prohibition against meat consumption was waived and people will dance, drink, and feast on the traditional food of Irish bacon and cabbage.

St. Patrick, who lived during the fifth century, is the patron saint of Ireland and nationally inspired. Born in Roman Britain, he was a hostage and brought to Ireland as a slave at the age of 16. He later escaped but returned to Ireland and he was credited with bringing his people to Christianity. In the centuries after Patrick’s death (believed to be on 17 March, 461).

International Women’s Day – This Day is celebrated on 8th March. This is a day when women are recognized for their all achievements – social, economic, cultural, and political. This day is also marked for gender equality. International women’s day is a collective day of global celebration.

The first national women’s day was celebrated on February 28, 1909, in the United States of America. In New York, the socialist party of America honors this day for garment workers, where women protest against working conditions.

In 1910 Socialist International Established International Women’s Day in Copenhagen, to respect the movement for women’s rights. The proposal was approved by the conference by more than 100 women from 17 countries. In 1975, the United Nation began celebrating International Women’s Day On 8th March.

World Water Day – Every year world water day, on 22nd March. It is about focusing on the importance of water. This year’s theme, ‘Nature for Water, searches for nature-based solutions for the water challenges faced by us in the 21st Century. On this day work to raise awareness of water problems such as sanitation problems and shortage of clean water in many parts of the world. This problem directly impacts health issues.

Environmental damage, and water-related crises, we are seeing around the world with climate change. Floods, droughts, and water pollution are all spoiled, spoiled by vegetation, soil, rivers, and lakes. When we ignore our ecosystem, we make it difficult to provide everyone with the clean water which we need to survive and grow.

In the 21st century, there are millions of people living without safe water. The nature-based solution has the ability to solve water challenges.

March 2022 Calendar
March 2022 Calendar

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Printable April 2022 Calendar

April 2022 Calendar Template

According to the Gregorian calendar, April is the fourth month of the year. It has 30 days of the month. Expertly, it is believed that this word is an improvisation of the actual phrase ‘aprilis’ which turned into coined by the Romans, manner back! Also, believe that it is taken from the Greek god of love, It is the second month of the spring season.

It is time of planting. In the northern hemisphere April is the most confusing month – Rain and wet one day and the next day full of a warm promise of green growth to come. April 2022 Calendar Printable.

April month has many holidays celebrate, From Day one festival is begin. April fool’s day, World Austin Awareness Day, Palm Sunday, World Health Day, National Beer Day, Siblings Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Emancipation Day, National Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Buddha’s Birthday.

List of the April Holidays:

Palm Sunday – Palm Sunday is marked at the beginning of the holiest week for Christians all over the world. The Holy Week is included 7 days before Easter. It begins with Palm Sunday and includes Holy Thursday, and Good Friday, and ends at midnight on Holy Saturday.

Easter Sunday occurs at the end of the Holy Week, in which Jesus is born from the tomb. In the Christian tradition palm, Sunday is also called Passion Sunday. Palm Sunday is the day on which Jesus enters Jerusalem, It was his last visit to the city before his death. Jesus rode a donkey in Jerusalem. This choice of the journey is very symbolic because Jesus wanted to show everyone that he came in peace.

April Fool Day – April 1 is celebrated as April Fool’s Day. Worldwide, this day is called Fool’s Day. On this day everyone jokes with each other, it is just for laughing jokes. On this day, people fool one another with fun, but like on other days, the foolish person is not angry on this day, which is the biggest feature of this day.

This day is not an official holiday, but people celebrate this day with their friends and relatives in the office. Traditionally in some countries such as New Zealand, Britain, Australia, and South Africa, such jokes were done only till noon.

Easter – Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christian observance of easter focuses on a single significant event, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb. Easter is celebrated once a year on Sunday.

After the full moon of the first Sunday Easter falls. In addition to Easter Sunday, these events are sometimes referred to as the Easter season and include Mardi Gras (Carnival), Ash Wednesday and Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.

National Honesty Day – It is celebrated on April 30 every year. The national honest day is a day that celebrates honesty and straightforwardness in all its activities. This holiday is invented by M.Hirish Goldberg who has written several books one of them is “The Book of Lies: Schemes, Scams, Fakes, and Frauds that Changing the Course of History and Affairs Daily Lives.”

April 2022 Calendar
April 2022 Calendar

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Printable May 2022 Calendar

May 2022 Printable Calendar

According to the Gregorian calendar, May is the fifth month of the year.  It has 31 days. The Roman said the month to the mice. The name changed over the years. It was first called in the 1400s near the end of the Middle Ages. It is the third and last month of the spring season. In the northern hemisphere very high temperature.

May month is dedicated to mothers. Many international events are also celebrated this month. International Labor Day, Teachers Day, National Nurses Day, Armed Forces Day, Victoria Day, Ascension Day, Eid Al Fitr, Memorial Day,  Whit Sunday, and Pentecost Day are also celebrated this month. Printable May 2022 Calendar

List of the May Holidays:

Labor Day – Labor Day is celebrated on 1st May in various countries all over the world. It is a day dedicated to the labor class. It all started with the increase in industrialization. Industrialists exploited the labor class. They took a lot of work from the workers but gave them very little money in return.

Workers were made to work for 10-15 hours a day under difficult conditions. All the rest of the world, more than 80 countries celebrate Labor Day, also known as May Day and International Workers’ Day, on the first day of May.

Mothers Day – Mother’s day is a very memorable and happy day of the year for every child and student. This Mother Day is the special day of the year that is dedicated to all the mothers of India. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

In the year 2021, it was celebrated with full fervor on May 10 (the second Sunday). Children are very happy on this day and celebrate in front of them in school or at home to honor their mother.

Pentecost – Pentecost is a day of celebration fifty days after Easter. It is a celebration of a new beginning for all, whether it is for the celebration of the new church, a celebration for the renewal of the soul in itself, and/or a celebration of the Holy Spirit.

Churches around the world celebrate the day whether Pentecost is the day of the new soul, the day of new beginnings, according to the Jewish faith or Christianity.

Eid – Eid is one of the biggest festivals of Muslims. This festival is the most important religious and celebrates all around the world. Ramadan days are very important for Muslims. During this, they keep a full fast throughout the day.

Drinking water is also prohibited. In the evening, they offer food only by offering prayers. On the last day of the month of Ramadan, when the moon appears in the sky, Eid is celebrated on its second day.

May 2022 Calendar
May 2022 Calendar

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Printable June 2022 Calendar

June 2022 Calendar

According to the Gregorian, Calendar June is the sixth month of the year. In the Roman Calendar, June’s name was Lucius. The name comes from the Roman Goddess Juno, the wife of Jupiter. In the ancient Roman Calendar, June month had only 29 days. It was Julius Caesar who gave the extra day on 30 June. The summer season starts this month.

June month is dedicated to fathers. Fathers play an important role in children’s life. This month has many events that are celebrated – Whit Monday, Children’s Day, National Running Day, World Oceans Day, World Day Against Child Labour, Russia Day, World Blood Donor Day, Flag Day, World Refugee Day, and International Yoga Day is also celebrated on this month. Printable June 2022 Calendar.

List of the June Holidays:

Fathers Day – Father’s Day is a day to honor the father’s influence in society. Although this day is celebrated all over the world, the dates of celebrating fathers day are different in different countries. Every year In many countries fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This day is celebrated to express gratitude toward fatherhood.

On Father’s Day, children give greeting cards and gifts to their fathers. It is an annual event but is held on different dates in the calendar depending on the country. Some people buy some flowers for their father. There are many ways people celebrate the day.

International Yoga Day – On 21st June International Yoga Day is celebrated. Every year a large camp is organized all over the world. The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, has been a great contributor to the beginning of celebrating this day all over the world as he first started this festival on 21 June 2015.

The benefits of yoga and its importance were explained to people all over the world and today, this day is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and yoga. Its main objective is to connect the people of the world with yoga so that it becomes a healthy world.

World Environment Day – This day is created by United Nations In 1972. This day is designed to bring awareness and to take direct action to conserve the earth. Every year it is celebrated on 5th June. Every year, a theme is selected for this day and it is hosted in a different city.

For example, in 2006, there was desert and desertification organized in Algeria. In 2009, the theme was Climate Change and was organized in Mexico.

World Blood Donor Day – This day was created by the World Health Organization. It is an international holiday and celebrated annually from 2004, 14 June. On this day events like blood drives and lectures are organized all over the world and each year has a different theme. For example, in 2012, the theme was “Every blood donor was a hero” and in 2016, the theme was “blood donor connects all.”

June 2022 Calendar
June 2022 Calendar

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Printable July 2022 Calendar

July 2022 Calendar Template

According to the Gregorian Calendar, July is the seventh month of the year. In the ancient Roman Calendar, this was the fifth month and it was known as Quintiles. It has 31 days. The weather in July is different in the two hemispheres of the world.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is very high temperature while in the southern hemisphere the temperature is very cold.

July month is very special for Canada and the USA. This month the USA celebrates Independence Day and On 1st July established Canada. Many events are also celebrated – Bastille Day, National Hot Dog Day, World Emoji Day, Nelson Mandela Day, National Ice Cream Day, Parent’s Day, and International Day of Friendship is celebrated. Printable July 2022 Calendar.

List of the July Holidays:

Canada Day – Canada Day was established on July 1, 1867. It is also known as Canada’s Birthday. Canadians celebrate the day worldwide. Various Programs are organized on this day. These events are incomplete without a parade.

These parades will be held in cities and towns. Other events include picnics, festivals, sports programs, and fireworks. Across the country, Canada Day events are planned including Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Victoria.

USA Independence Day – Independence Day is also known as the Fourth Of July and 4th of July. It is a federal holiday in the united states since 1941. The day marks the beginning of American modern history, the history of independence, and the formation of a newly independent state.

On 4 July 1776, members of the Second Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence. Parades are organized in most cities. Families get together to play and enjoy the barbecue, and in the evening light up the sky with large fireworks displays in the cities.

World Population Day – World Population Day is celebrated every year on 11 July. This day was established in 1989 by the United Nations Development Program. This day is to focus on the population issue. Mainly the effects of overpopulation of the world.

This day aims to raise people’s awareness of the importance of population issues like family planning, gender equality, poverty, maternal health, and human rights. The 2030 agenda is for sustainable development in the world and making a healthy planet.

Nelson Mandela – This is celebrated annually on July 18th, It is also known as Nelson Mandela International Day. The holiday that celebrates and gives honors to Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela fought for 70 years against social injustice. The first day was launched in New York City in the United States.

July 2022 Calendar
July 2022 Calendar

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Printable August 2022 Calendar

August 2022 Calendar

According to the Gregorian Calendar, August is the eighth month of the year. In the ancient Roman calendar, this is the sixth month and is known as the sextiles. When January and February month was added it becomes the eight-month of the year. The later month’s name was changed. This name is taken from Augustus. This month has 31 days.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this month has a summer season. August Month is very special for India. This month India got independent. August month is celebrated for many other events also- Lammas, Yorkshire Day, International Friendship Day, Civic Day, Eid-Al-Adha, International Youth Day, Raksha Bandhan, Assumption Of Mary, World Humanitarian Day, Janmashtami, and women’s equality Day is celebrated. Printable August 2022 Calendar.

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List of the August Holidays:

Women’s Equality Day – Women’s Equality Day is celebrated annually on August 26th. It is an official holiday in the United States of America. Since 1971 this day was celebrated to remember the efforts of women. Women have to right to give the vote. As well as the idea of equality between men and women. This holiday also celebrates all the women’s organizations across the country that work hard to provide equal opportunities in education and employment to women.

Independence Day – India celebrates Independence Day On the 15th of August with great enthusiasm and pride. India got independence from British slavery on 15 August 1947. Every year this day is celebrated. on the Red Fort Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag.

This day is a holiday in all government offices like banks, post offices, etc. The national flag is hoisted in all schools and offices. Along with this, many competitions such as essays, poems, speeches, plays, etc. are also organized in many schools and colleges.

International Youth Day – International Youth Day is celebrated on April 12th annually. It is created by the United Nations. On this day people appreciate the hard work of the youth. This is a day to promote the ways to value youth. Every year United Nations select the theme. 2020 The theme is Transforming Education. This year’s theme highlights efforts to make education more inclusive and accessible to all youth, including efforts by the youth themselves.

Eid Al-Adha – This is a very famous festival for Muslims. It is also known as Bakrid or Eid Al Adha. This festival is a symbol of sacrifice. Every year it is celebrated on the tenth of Jula Hajj. The preparation for this festival starts several days before the festival.

At this festival, goats are bought. After offering the sacrifice of the goat, its meat is divided into three parts. One part of it is kept for the poor, the other part for relatives, and the third part is kept for the family.

August 2022 Calendar
August 2022 Calendar

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Printable September 2022 Calendar

September 2022 Calendar

According to the Gregorian, Calendar September is the ninth month of the calendar. In the ancient Roman Calendar, this is the seventh month and the name was taken from the Roman calendar and meaning September is the seventh. When January and February months were added to the calendar it becomes the ninth month of the year.

The northern Hemisphere marks the beginning of the autumn season. and start the spring season in the southern hemisphere. September month is dedicated to Education. This month International Literacy Day is celebrated.

Many special events are also celebrated – Ganesh Chaturthi, National Grandparents Day, Ashura, World Suicide Prevention Day, Patriot Day, Air Force Birthday, World Heart Day, and Rosh Hashanah. Printable September 2022 Calendar.

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List of the September Holidays:

International Literacy Day – On 7 November 1965, UNESCO decided that International Literacy Day every year will be celebrated on September 8. For the first time, it was started in 1966. In order to bring attention to the great importance of literacy for the individual, society, and community, it started to be celebrated all over the world. This day is specially celebrated to bring attention to the rate of adult education and literacy in the international community.

Ganesh Chaturthi – This is a very important festival in Hinduism. This festival is celebrated with great devotion and joy all over India. He is the God Of wisdom and prosperity. People bring clay idols of Ganesh and keep them on the Chaturthi at home and do devotion for 10 days and then do Ganesh Visarjan on the day of Anant Chaturdashi i.e. 11th day.

The shops in the markets are decorated with beautiful Ganesh idols. A large number of people install the idol in their homes. and then immerse the Ganesh idol on Anant Chaturdashi.

Grandparents Day – This holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday after labor day. It is known as National Grandparents Day. Both maternal and paternal grandparents are celebrated. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren cannot describe in words.

They develop good habits and moral values in children. They become their best friends. People celebrate the day in a different style. They throw a party for grandparents and celebrate their achievements.

World Heart Day – We are celebrated on September 29 every year. This day is to pay attention to heart diseases and their causes. This day is celebrated by government and non-government agencies. These agencies organize events to aware people of the problem of heart disease.

People also quit smoking, start a good diet, and increase their exercise. World Heart Day is also a good day to make sure your most important organ – your heart – is in tip-top shape.

September 2022 Calendar
September 2022 Calendar

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Printable October 2022 Calendar

October 2022 Calendar

According to the Gregorian calendar, October is the tenth month of the year. In the ancient Roman calendar, it was the eight months of the year. The name was taken from the Latin word ” Octo” and the meaning is eight. When January and February were added at the start of the year it becomes the tenth month of the year.

In the northern hemisphere, the season is autumn. This is the second month of the Autumn season. The most popular and scary festival is celebrated this month’s Halloween. Printable October 2022 Calendar.

Many other events are also celebrated like – World Vegetarian Day, Black History Month, World Animal Day, World Teachers Day, Astronomy Day, Dussehra, Yom Kippur, Columbus Day, Indigenous People’s Day, Boss’s Day, Diwali, and Mischief Night.

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List of the October Holidays:

Halloween – Every year this day is celebrated on October 31st. This festival began with the ancient Celtic festival when people would burn bonfires and dress to drive away ghosts. This is the favorite time for many people.

Most American families dress up in Halloween costumes, attend parties, and visit haunted houses. Many people decorate the house in a scary style. Trick-or-treating can be the most popular way to celebrate a holiday. Children and adults dress in character and door to door “trick or treat!”

Diwali – Diwali is a very important festival in Hinduism. People of the Hindu religion wait eagerly to celebrate this special festival. It falls in the month of October or November 20 days after Dussehra. It is celebrated to commemorate Lord Rama’s 14-year exile and return to his kingdom.

To express their happiness, the residents of Ayodhya bathe the state with the light on this day, as well as the whole state swells in the echo of firecrackers. On this day everyone but gifts, crackers, and sweets and decorate the houses with lights.

World Teachers Day – This day was created by UNESCO. It is celebrated every year on October 5th. It is an International Observance Day. This day is not to celebrate to only appreciate the teachers but also to help to improve the work. This day is also look at the issues that affect teachers. All over the world, different events are organized. This day is to celebrate and appreciate and recognize the contributions that teachers have made to society.

Dussehra – This is a Hindu festival and is celebrated the day with great enthusiasm every year. This festival is celebrated on the tenth day of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. This festival is celebrated all over India. Dussehra is also known by the name of Vijayadashami, Since then, the day Dussehra has been celebrated since the day Lord Rama killed Ravana.

October 2022 Calendar
October 2022 Calendar

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Printable November 2022 Calendar

November 2022 Calendar

According to the Gregorian calendar, November is the eleventh month of the year. In the ancient Roman Calendar, this is the ninth month of the year and the name was taken from the Latin word ” Novem” meaning nine.

When January and February were added in the starting it becomes the eleventh month of the year. This is the last month of the fall season. November first is celebrated as All Saints’ Day, a Christian festival that celebrates the lives of all saints.

Thanksgiving is also celebrated this month. It is a very popular American holiday. And many other holidays are also celebrated in November month- Unity Day, Remembrance Day, World Kindness Day, World Diabetes Day, American Recycles Day, World Television Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, and Black Friday. Printable November 2022 Calendar.

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List of the November Holidays:

Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving is an ancient holiday with the purpose of celebrating the planting and harvest season. The US celebrated every year on the 4th Thursday of November. The first US president official declares the festival on the last Thursday in November.

In the Bible Thanksgiving, the meaning is worship, sacrifice, praise, or offer. Giving thanks to God in favor was a thankful language. Thanksgiving Dinner may include many items. More traditional dishes include Cranberry sauce, sweet potato, and corn, and the main dish is the turkey.

Remembrance Day – Remembrance Day is observed on the 11th of November every year. This day is also known as poppy day. This day is a day to honor and remember the soldiers who died while serving their country.

It is a holiday similar to Veterans Day in the United States and is celebrated in 53 member states of the Commonwealth. Paper poppy is sold every year before Remember Sunday. Every year all people are silenced for a minute at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month to serve their country during the war.

American Recycle Day – It is a national Recycling day that is celebrated on November 15th. Millions of people in America take part in this day. A day designed to raise awareness about recycling products. In the United States, thousands of events are organized made of recycled materials and commit to purchasing the products.

On social media, this day is celebrated with the hashtag #AmericaRecycleDay. Recycling not only saves land but also saves energy, global warming, and aquatic animals also. Make World Beautiful.

November 2022 Calendar
November 2022 Calendar

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Printable December 2022 Calendar

December 2022 Calendar

According to the Gregorian, Calendar December is the 12th month of the year. In the ancient Roman calendar, this is the tenth month of the year and the name was taken from the Latin word ” Decem”. meaning is tenth. When Romans added January and February added in the starting it becomes the 12 months of the year. This is the last month of the year and the first month of the winter season.

It has 31 days. It marks the beginning of snow and cold weather. December is a very special month. Jesus Christ was born this month. Christmas is the all-time favorite festival of children. Many festivals also celebrate this month – World Aids Day, First Sunday Advent, Cyber Monday, Saint Nicholas Day, Bodhi Day, International Mountain Day, Friday the 13th, Hanukkah, Day of Goodwill, and New Year’s Eve. Printable December 2022 Calendar.

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List of the December Holidays:

Christmas Holiday – It is a popular Christian festival. Throughout the world, it is celebrated on 25 December. This festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is the biggest and happiest festival for Christians. It is also called the “big day”. Preparations for the Merry Christmas festivities begin in advance.

On Christmas, day houses are cleaned and Christian people decorate their houses well. New clothes are purchased. Christian people cook a wide variety of dishes on Christmas day. The brightness of the markets increases. The houses and markets are illuminated with colorful lights.

World Aids Day – World Aids Day is celebrated on 1st December. People around the world bring awareness about HIV/Aids. On this day public and government agencies organize the camp and encourage people to prevent, treat, and care worldwide. People celebrate the day in many ways. On this day world health organization select the theme.

World AIDS Day is important for everyone because it reminds the public and the government that HIV has not gone away – there is still a significant need to raise funds, raise awareness, fight prejudice, and improve education.

Cyber Monday – This is a shopping holiday that comes on the Monday after Thanksgiving Day. On this day retailers often huge discounts to online shoppers. This is not a federal holiday.

December 2022 Calendar
December 2022 Calendar

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This Printable Yearly 2022 Calendar With Holidays gives you complete knowledge about the day, events, and holidays. You can easily use the Yearly 2022 Printable Calendar, the template on your phone. 2022 Calendar template available in various formats – Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, and PNG format. If you want to customize the calendar you can easily do this and add important details.

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You can set on desktop wallpaper, take a printout, and put it on the wall. It depends on you how to use the calendar.